Automatic soft tissue biopsy needle


Supplier: Persian Arsa

product introduction:
Automatic biopsy needle is disposable and available in gauge sizes 10*14 – 16*14 – 20*18 – 25*18, It is used for quick and accurate penetration to take samples from soft tissues inside the body such as kidney, liver, breast, prostate and thyroid up to the sample size of 22 mm.
In the biopsy needle, as the diameter of the needle increases, the sensitivity and risk of the desired tissue decreases. In fact, high diameter needles are never used for sampling sensitive tissues such as the lung, and the coaxial is use for the more sensitive tissue. This device gives you the precise control and quality sampling capability you need when working with calcified or fibrous waste. The advantage of this device is that you can easily operate it with one hand.
This disposable device with a needle made of an echo-reflective metal alloy is completely visible for its entire length under ultrasound guidance, and this method is free from any risk of reproduction of malignant cells. An advanced automatic device for precise and easy penetration into different lesions. It is a versatile, simple to use and reliable device with unique ergonomics for tuning and firing. The disposable automatic biopsy machine is used for the main samples of soft tissue and organs. Automatic biopsy needle is available in sizes G14-G16-G18.