brain shunt


Supplier: Avije Teb Parsin

product introduction:

Cerebral shunt is a type of mechanical shunt that is implanted in the skull and is usually installed under the skin behind the ear. Brain shunt is used when intracranial pressure increases due to various reasons. One of the most common diseases that cerebral shunt is used to treat is hydrocephalus, in which the cerebrospinal fluid inside the skull increases abnormally and puts pressure on the brain. In these cases, a shunt is used to drain the cerebrospinal fluid. The shunt removes the fluid from inside the skull and transports it to other parts of the body that have the ability to absorb it.

Cerebral shunt consists of three parts:

  • A valve or one-way valve with a tank
  • A thin and short silicone tube
  • A long silicone tube