Disposable polypectomy snare


Supplier: Persian Arsa

product introduction:

Polypectomy snare

Snares are designed to place and fix the flexible and adjustable wire loops around an area of ​​rectal tissue (eg, a polyp) for mechanical or electrochemical and hemostasis removal. Snares typically consist of a straight or curved hollow tubular structure (eg a cannula, typically 8 to 18 inches / 20 to 45 cm long) with one or more adjustable wire loops (loops) that are pushed out at the end. Most of them include a fixed ring and a removable ring. Snare loops are made of monofilament wires or braided wires that may be attached to an electrosurgical device (usually unipolar) that circulates radiofrequency electrical current between an insulated metal loop (acting as the active electrode) and an external neutral electrode for tissue heating and facilitating resection and burning. Disposable and reusable rectal snares are generally intended for the electrosurgical removal of polyps, tumors, and abnormal tissue from the rectal mucosa, but devices that provide only mechanical resection are also available.