Hemolok Clips


Hemolac clips are tools made of polymer materials, which are mainly used to stop bleeding during surgery. These clips are placed on the vessel and by using the locking mechanism, they completely block the vessels and completely overlap the edges of the two incisions. Hemolock clips are used in general and specialized surgeries, but they are mostly used in laparoscopic surgeries.

Technical Specifications:

  • in medium, large, extra large sizes (M, L, XL)
  • Increased safety in vascular blockage by using a locking mechanism and integrated teeth to prevent slipping
  • Made of non-absorbable, non-conductive, CT and MRI-compatible polymer
  • Used for ligation of 2 to 16-mm vessels and tissues in laparoscopic and open surgeries


Homolac clips have medium, large, and extra large (M, L, XL) sizes.


Based on IFU on product packaging 0ºC ~ 30ºC

Shipping terms:

Based on IFU on product packaging 0ºC ~ 30ºC