Insertion tool set/bilateral kyphoplasty set


Supplier: Zist Vida Azma Company

product introduction:

Kyphoplasty is an advanced minimally invasive technique with more advantages then vertebroplasty, such as less risks then cement, extravasation, better restoration of vertebral column height and spinal cord biomechanics, which include the creating a hole in the center of the vertebral body with an expandable balloon that is inserted into the vertebra through a needle to increase the height of the vertebra and theoretically restore the height of the vertebral body by dilating the balloon. Then cement is injected into it, although it is done with controlled pressure and much less compared to vertebroplasty. This method of fracture fixation can compensate for lost height and sagittal length so that it can transfer weight from one vertebra to another. PMMA used in kyphoplasty can have a higher viscosity than vertebroplasty because the cement is guided inside the formed cavity.

The kyphoplasty tool set includes a special tool for the vertebral column, which is designed for easier access and to prevent the speed of progression of the vertebral column fracture and to create an empty space (to repair and fill the fracture with cement injection) in the spongy bone tissue. This system provides the mentioned features with small gauge tools.