Irrigation Suction Set



Suction irrigation set or suction irrigation tube is one of the consumables used in laparoscopic operations, which helps the surgeon in washing and collecting hemorrhoids and surgical waste during laparoscopic operations. The reason for using the irrigation suction tube is the convenience and ease of the surgeon’s work, and with one set, the operation of washing and draining secretions is done. With this work, the speed of the surgery is greatly increased, the operation site is quickly washed and cleaned, and the hematomas are collected quickly. The result of all these actions is a faster, healthier operation and less infection at the operation site.

Technical Specifications:

  • A standard pistol grip and an ergonomic design for comfortable use
  • Ability to use two spikes to connect to two liquid bags at the same time
  • A special port for drug injection or sample collection if necessary
  • Assign different colors for suction and irrigation buttons
  • Made of flexible medical-grade PVCA leak-free metal pipe.


Its smallest size with a tube length of 22 cm and a diameter of 3 mm is used for children and cases according to the decision of the surgeon. Similarly, this size is also used for thin people whose depth of surgery is small. The suitable trocar size for this irrigation suction tube is trocar size 3.
The most commonly used and most common size of irrigation suction set is its medium size. The length of the tube of this set is 33 cm and its diameter is 5 mm, and it can be used for all patients. This size is the most widely used suction irrigation size and is suitable for trocar size 5.
Special and less used size is the large suction irrigation size, which has a tube length of 44 cm and is used for very obese people. Due to the fact that in very obese people, the surgeon must be able to access the operation site and complete the suction and drainage operation, the length of the tube of this set needs to be longer, which is why this size of suction irrigation set is produced. has been
In addition to the 3 sizes, some companies have also produced other sizes of this tool, for example, tubes with a diameter of 10 mm to pass a larger volume of liquids and size 10 trocars should be used inside the surgical site.


Based on IFU on product packaging 0ºC ~ 30ºC

Shipping terms:

Based on IFU on product packaging 0ºC ~ 30ºC

Further Details:

Permanent suction irrigation sets have some problems. As it is clear from the appearance of this set, it is very delicate, it has long and long pipes, which makes cleaning and sterilizing it difficult. On the other hand, this set is in direct contact with the operation site, and for this reason, it is very important to be clean and sterile.
According to these cases, after the production of these sets, the manufacturing industrial companies thought of designing and manufacturing cost-effective and disposable suction irrigation sets to solve the problems of contamination and patient infections by using these sets once.