Jackson Drain



Jackson drain, which is also called JP DRAIN for short, is a medical tool that is commonly used to collect body fluids from the surgical space and after surgery. This tool consists of a plastic tube and is bubble-shaped and flexible. They are used to help drain blood, secretions, and air from the operation area in order to eliminate the dead space and accelerate the fusion of the two edges of the wound and thus prevent the formation of hematoma and serum after surgery. One of the best drains. Jackson drain is available. It also plays an essential role in preventing necrosis of wound edges and reducing potential wound contamination, reducing post-operative pain, and minimizing residual effects (scars).

Technical Specifications:

  • Available in two types inactive or passive drains and active or active drains
  • Available in two functional types of drain with the closed drain system and drain with open drain system


Available in different sizes.


Based on IFU on product packaging 0ºC ~ 30ºC

Shipping terms:

Based on IFU on product packaging 0ºC ~ 30ºC

Further Details:

Care after placing the drain:

  • Please be careful not to apply too much force to the tubes; Stretching the tubes can cause them to come out of the abdomen.
  • The contents of the drain should be emptied every day and the amount of daily secretions should be recorded. If the secretion is more than 200 cc per day, be sure to inform the surgeon.
  • If the amount of liquid removed is more than 100 cc per hour, be sure to go to the hospital immediately.
    The dressing around the drain on the skin must be changed daily.
  • In some cases, according to the doctor’s diagnosis, certain ointments may be used around the drain.
  • If there is no secretion on the skin from the side of the tubes, you can take a bath after 72 hours of placing the tubes. It is better not to get too much water in the pipes.
  • In case of fever or redness, pain, and purulent discharge around the wound due to the possibility of infection, be sure to consult a doctor.
  • It is better to be at the same level as the body when resting and at waist level when moving.