L Shape Hook (L Hook)



L Hook disposable monopolar tip is disposable and is used in laparoscopic electrodes. The L-shaped hook is one of the electrosurgical tools used in laparoscopic surgery for the coagulation and cutting of soft tissue and blood vessels using high-frequency electric current. Depending on the model and manufacturer, the electrode can be disposable or reusable and may be connected to the cautery device or directly to the cautery itself.

Technical Specifications:

  • Used in laparoscopic surgeries to cut soft tissues
  • The ability to connect to the cauter pen
  • The ability to connect to a wire cutter
  • Material of the metal part: 316 steel
  • Coating material: Medical thermal coating that can be used in high-frequency insulation.



Based on IFU on product packaging 0ºC ~ 30ºC

Shipping terms:

Based on IFU on product packaging 0ºC ~ 30ºC

Further Details:

All monopolar electrodes require a plate to return the current entering the body to the device. Before use, the electrode must be checked for insulation. The monopolar current is transmitted from the device to the electrode and from it to the patient’s body, then the current is returned to the device through the plate connected to the patient’s body.
These electrodes, which are connected to the monopolar cautery, have the ability to separate, cut, and coagulate tissues and have different types. The most applied types of them are the hook-shaped model, which is known as hook electrode and is an essential tool for laparoscopy. Its models include L and J-shaped hooks, needle hooks, suction hooks, and spoon models, and their body surface is insulated. To use these electrodes, a plate must be placed under the patient’s body and in contact with the skin surface to establish an electric current.