laparoscopic trocar


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product introduction:

Trocar is one of the specialized devices in medical science and laparoscopic surgeries, which has 2 known models, single trocar and twin trocar. In addition to laparoscopic operations, this device is used in other medical surgery methods. In the laparoscopic method, minimal invasion of the patient’s abdominal tissue is performed, and the use of trocar is highly recommended for this surgery. Along with laparoscopic surgeries, it can also be used in the treatment of patients suffering from hydrothorax or ascites. This device is used during embalming of excess gases or excess fluids inside the body.

Trocar is a type of laparoscopic equipment that is very common in laparoscopic surgeries, and surgeons usually use a single-use trocar. The trocar uses for creating a space between the patient’s abdominal cavity and the external environment. Laparoscopic trocar penetrates to all layers of the patient’s abdominal wall. This allows to enter the surgical instruments to the cavities created in the patient’s abdomen easily.