Endoscopy bag


Supplier: Persian Arsa

product introduction:

Endobag, with the Persian name of sample drain bag, is one of the consumable items needed in laparoscopic operations, which includes a pressure handle and a main handle, a sleeve and a button to open the device and a bag, which has different types in different sizes and volumes, and it is used in laparoscopic surgeries for Removing cysts and excess masses to prevent the contents of the cyst or mass from leaking inside the abdominal cavity. It prevents the spread of infection and prevents fluid and sample contents from spilling into the peritoneal cavity.

Usually, sample discharge bags are conical in shape and have different dimensions. Available in 200 ml, 400 ml, 600 ml sizes

It should be noted that in cases where any of the organs removed from the patient’s body is suspected to be cancer (including gall bladder or ovarian cysts), the use of endobag (SPECIMEN) is mandatory.

The use of PU in the material of this model of endobags reduces the possibility of gas and liquid leakage to zero.

The presence of MEMORY WIRE (adjustable thread or cable) allows the bag to be collected inside the abdominal area.

The handle is inside the surgical environment for the convenience of the surgeon during the use of the endobag, as well as opening and closing the bag.