Titanium clips


Supplier: Persian Arsa

Product Introduction:

Metal and polymer surgical clips for laparoscopic surgeries
One of the reasons why metal surgical clips and clip appliers are very suitable for laparoscopic surgeries is the 360-degree rotation of these equipment. As mentioned above, due to the fact that the clips remain in the body for a long time and eventually must be absorbed by the body, the metal or titanium surgical clips and polymer surgical clips are among the most commonly used types of surgical clips and are more compatible with the tissue. The size of metal and titanium surgical clips is from 5 to 10 mm and they are used according to the doctor’s opinion.
Product specification of metal (titanium) surgical clips:
There are grooves in titanium or metal surgical clips. The reason for inserting these grooves is that the clips do not slip on the vessels and they used for fixing the clips. This item makes the clips not open at all.
Metal clips can be absorbed by body tissues. In this way, after blocking the vessels, they are completely absorbed by the body and there is no need to remove them.
Like most medical devices, metal surgical clips are completely sterile and do not introduce microbes into the body.
The titanium used in metal surgical clips is made of stainless alloys. As a result, they are hypoallergenic and do not react with body tissues.