First, the package of this tool is opened on the sterile surgical table, and after the surgical site is completely covered, it is fixed on the sterile cloths so that the handle and trumpet (handpiece) are free to enter and exit the surgical site. The possibility of falling from the patient and contamination will be minimized. Then, the end part of the tubes to be connected to the suction device and washing serums are given to the circular nurse (mobile) outside the operating environment so that the connection is fully established. Before installing the washing serums, it is necessary to make sure that the washing clips are closed so that during installation, the serum liquid does not enter the operating environment and does not cause contamination. After installation in a suitable place, the clips and their performance are checked so that there are no problems during the surgery. After installing the special suction tube and connector to the suction device, the operation of the suction and irrigation buttons is checked for correct operation. In the next step, the surgeon inserts the irrigation suction tube into the trocar and performs suction and irrigation operations through the trumpet and spring buttons on it (special handle) that are installed along it (blue button for irrigation and button White color is used for emptying and suctioning).

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