Answer: Nelaton catheter has two types, female and male, and it is sized in terms of size. The suitable catheter for each person is selected according to their height and age. Be careful that as the size of the tube increases, its outer diameter also increases. Choosing the right size catheter for each patient is essential and important. Because if a catheter with the right size of the patient is not used, there will be a possibility of pressure on the urinary tract or leakage of urine. For easier categorization and recognition, a special color is considered for each probe model. Number 8 (blue color) Number 10 (black color) No. 12 (white color) Number 14 (green color) Number 16 (orange color) Number 18 (red color) Among the types we have listed, number 14, which is identified by green color, is considered the most widely used Nelaton tube. The difference between the Foley catheter and the Nelaton catheter is that the Foley catheter can be placed inside the bladder and urinary tract for a long time, but the Nelaton catheter is usually used for a short period of time.

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