Airflow is controlled by changes in pleural pressure. Negative pressure causes the water level to rise slightly. Positive pressure removes air and fluid from the pleural space and collects it inside the tube and bottle. Air bubbles escape from the tube into the underwater seal. Liquids are discharged by gravity, mix with water and raise the liquid level. It has a one-way mechanism to prevent the return of air, liquids and secretions. In simpler words, a chest tube or chest tube, which is a flexible plastic tube, It is connected to a bottle (case) through a clamp or clip set. In fact, there should be no connection between the outside air and the inside of this pipe. In order to make the system work better, sterile distilled water or normal xylene is poured into this chamber, so that the end of the tube is 2 cm below the water level. This tube is made of medical grade PVC and is flexible and is placed through the chest wall in the pleural space between the 5th and 6th ribs in the armpit line. But the container or bottle has another connection with the outside, which is responsible for transferring the air bubbles created by the patient’s breathing to the outside, and in fact, it has a function similar to a hookah.

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