Chest electrodes are the same adhesives that are used when taking an electrocardiogram or in the special care department of patients in order to accurately check the patient’s condition and establish a connection between the body, the device and the connecting wires. It is also possible to use these chests to connect the wires of the relevant device to the chest in order to know the vital signs of adults and children, even babies. These are some of its apparent uses. But the design of the chest electrodes is such that it displays the heart signals in the monitoring device and allows the doctor and nurse to check and control the patient’s vital signs. By being placed on the chest and using wires connected to the monitoring device, this product provides examination of the heart and its condition through electrical currents. In other words, it displays the patient’s heart signals from different angles and acts like a sensor. After sticking the electrodes on the chest, the signals sent from the heart are received by the button or metal cover on it (usually silver) and transmitted to the monitor through the connecting wire.

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