Microset is one of the medical devices that when it is necessary to inject a diluted drug at a controlled speed and with high volumes to the patient, it is used as an interface to transfer the injection liquid from the container containing the injection liquid to the scalp vein or angioket. deliver Another feature of this product is having a roller valve that can be used to control the injection speed. Microset can be used for intravenous injection of water-soluble drugs, as well as for injecting fluids needed by the body. Another application of the microset is the simultaneous injection of several drugs to the patient. Iran Tabko, as the best reference for price, buying and selling of 100 ml microset HD, is ready to provide any advice to you dear ones. Used to inject diluted drugs into the patient at a controlled rate Used for simultaneous injection of multiple drugs Used in precise control of the amount of injected substance.

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