Company Salamat Gostar Nano Daroo

Salamat Gostar Nano Daroo Company is an importer, producer and distributor of medical equipment, tools and consumables, which was officially established in 1400. This company is always trying to keep pace with the world's modern technologies by using senior consultants of engineering and research and development systems, knowledge of technology and technical knowledge in different fields and using human capital with experience and scientific marketing. slow and by transferring technical knowledge to the country, to improve the quality of treatment and the health of the society.

In order to communicate with the customer and fulfill the slogan of customer orientation, we have created a suitable platform for the transmission of the customer's voice to different levels of the organization by designing the correct work methods and processes, and we consider ourselves obliged to respond.

Support in less time possible

25Specialist expert
100+Varied product
280Contractual companies

Introduction Of Units

This company operates in the form of sales, warehouse, commercial, regulatory, production and scientific units, which are summarized below.

Scientific unit

This unit is a percentage that, in cooperation with the Vice President of Treatment of Medical Sciences Universities across the country and the training units of various medical centers, has organized specialized training seminars and tried to transfer the latest findings and technology of the world regarding the use and maintenance of equipment to the medical staff of the hospital. to do

Production unit

This unit is a percentage that, in cooperation with the Vice President of Treatment of Medical Sciences Universities across the country and the training units of various medical centers, has organized specialized training seminars and tried to transfer the latest findings and technology of the world regarding the use and maintenance of equipment to the medical staff of the hospital. to do

Regulatory unit

This unit, while establishing quality standards (ISO…), was established in order to review domestic and foreign laws and regulations for registering new products and obtaining relevant production and import licenses from the relevant bodies.

Business unit

This unit is responsible for sourcing and communicating with reliable foreign and domestic suppliers by using expert personnel and with suitable facilities and space, and is taking steps towards the development of the company’s portfolio of products and services.

Store unit

By creating its warehouse space in accordance with international standards and approved by the Medical Equipment Organization and having a suitable transport fleet, this unit is taking steps towards the safe and fast distribution of products.

Sales unit

Salamat Gostar Nano Daru Company is the exclusive sales representative of top medical equipment companies in Iran. The field of activity of this company is mainly in the field of laparoscopy and consumer medicine, and it has recently activated the department of urology. With the aim of developing the market in 1403, this company also has on its agenda the establishment of departments of neurology and cardiology.

Considering that these companies cover different departments of the hospital including operating room, CCU, ICU, emergency room, lab kit, electrophysiology, CSR and inpatient departments, as future goals, in addition to selling This equipment cooperates with private, university and social security hospitals as a consultant and equipment provider for the above departments (especially the cardiac operating room).

Introduction of Future Products

Central venous catheter
180 days until release 25%
Skin Stapler
180 days until release 25%
180 days until release 25%
Circular laparoscopic stapler
180 days until release 25%
Hydraulic urology guide
60 days until release 75%
PTFE guide
60 days until release 75%
Nephrostomy set
40 days until release 83%
Administrative catheter
40 days until release 83%
Shiba Needle
40 days until release 75%

Salamat Gostar Nano Daroo (Private Equity)

Import, production and distribution of medical equipment

Variety of products and Services

The management of the company, while benefiting from the continuous experience and variety of products and services provided during the fruitful period of its life, has been able to develop the activities quantitatively and qualitatively and focus on the continuous improvement of the operations as well as addressing the satisfaction of the customers, in addition to the physical expansion of the company. to have a major contribution in providing knowledge and services in the field of medical equipment and to occupy a special position among colleagues and competitors; In this regard, the regular inspections and inspections by competent experts of the quality, as well as the adequacy of services and performance records, confirm the ability and familiarity of the company's managers and specialists with the latest and most advanced knowledge and information, including operational methods and international standards.


Directional pillars


Creating sustainable value for key stakeholders and contributing to maintaining and improving the health status of society through the supply of high-quality health-oriented equipment and products in accordance with national and international standards.

Vision and perspective

Being one of the top ten companies in the supply of health-oriented products with a focus on medical equipment

Key values

  • Applying intelligence and economic thinking in decisions and executive measures
  • Mutual respect and two-way interaction with all internal and external stakeholders
  • Attention to the creation and continuous improvement of quality, productivity in products and processes
  • Efforts to strengthen the organizational position in the society (branding) by observing humane, ethical and legal principles
  • Adherence to justice, meritocracy and human dignity in business relations and communications
  • Prioritizing the safety and health of employees
  • Diligence in making operations and processes of the organization agile with creativity and innovation and participation from employees

Quality Policy

Salamat Gostar Nanodaro is a reputable company in the field of import, production and distribution of health-oriented products in the country, which has put the provision of products in accordance with the requirements of the customers according to the regulations of the Medical Equipment Organization of Iran, and in order to improve the health status of the society and Satisfying the needs of the beneficiaries, trusting relationship with customers and suppliers, and commitment to continuous improvement in quality and service provision are the main focus of its policy.

The management of Salamat Gostar Nanodaro company considers its main goals and lofty expectations as follows:

Helping to maintain and increase the health level of society and satisfy customers
Creating added value for all stakeholders
Identifying the core capabilities of the organization and turning them into competitive advantages to satisfy all stakeholders
Human capital management and their empowerment in line with the participation, productivity, creativity and innovation of employees and the establishment of management systems.

Prevention and reduction of quality, safety and information security risks
Collecting and complying with the latest revisions of national and international laws, requirements, regulations and standards in the fields of quality, safety, occupational health, environment and energy consumption.
Receiving and following up on complaints from customers and other stakeholders in a timely manner
Reducing costs by institutionalizing the culture of organizational productivity (optimal utilization of assets, optimization of energy consumption, improvement of operational efficiency, etc.)
Maximum penetration in the market of health-oriented products
Developing and improving relationships with reliable suppliers who have quality approvals from competent regulatory authorities

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