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About Salamat Gostar Nano Daroo

Salamat Gostar Nano Daroo is established in 1400 by a group of specialists with the aim of importing, producing, and distributing medical equipment.

Relying on the knowledge of the experienced technical staff, Salamat Gostar Nano Daroo is trying to import new technologies for the production and manufacture of medical equipment to our beloved country and make it free from the import of these products.

Salamat Gostar Nano Daroo operates in the field of medical equipment by receiving exclusive sales and distribution agencies from prominent manufacturers and importers of the country.

Also, Salamat Gostar Nano Daroo has been importing medical equipment from reputable global manufacturers since the beginning of 1402 with the aim of synchronizing with the world’s modern knowledge, in order to develop domestic knowledge in the field of health-oriented products and take steps in line with the domestic production of these equipment.


Our Vision

Creating sustainable value for key stakeholders and contributing to maintaining and improving the health status of society through the supply of high-quality health-oriented equipment and products in accordance with national and international standards.

Our Mission

Being one of the top ten companies in the supply of health-oriented products focused on medical equipment.


Our Quality Policy

Salamat Gostar Nano Daroo is a reputable company in the field of import, production, and distribution of health-oriented products in the country, which has put provision of products in accordance with the requirements of the customers according to the regulations of the Medical Equipment Organization of Iran, and in order to improve the health status of the society and satisfying the needs of the beneficiaries, trusting relationship with customers and suppliers, and commitment to continuous improvement in quality and service provision are the main focus of its policy.



Helping to maintain and improve the health conditions of consumers of health-oriented goods and services.

Institutionalizing the culture of organizational productivity.

Penetration in the market of health-oriented goods through product selection, increasing production, continuous improvement of quality, and variety of product portfolio, and finally increasing the satisfaction of consumers and customers.

Helping to create added value for all stakeholders (customers, shareholders, employees, etc.) and emphasizing improving constructive and trust-based relationships with them.

Communication with reliable suppliers with quality approvals from competent regulatory authorities.

Empowering human resources and improving the skills and abilities, competence, and awareness of employees.

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