Veress needle



A single-use versus needle has a tube and a sharp, flexible rod inserted into it. At its proximal end, there is a valve that connects to the insufflator tube. The use of this device is to fill the intra-abdominal space with carbon dioxide gas to perform minimally invasive surgeries. The use of needles is a safe method.

Technical Specifications:

  • Ergonomic transparent handle
  • It has a one-way valve with a suitable diameter for the entry of CO2 gas
  • Blunt needle head to prevent injury to the patient


Veress needle is available in two sizes, 12 and 15 cm.


Based on IFU on product packaging 0ºC~30ºC

Shipping terms:

Based on IFU on product packaging 0ºC~30ºC

Further Details:

By creating a small slit, the trocar enters the abdominal area. After entering that area, the cutting blade of the needle is retracted and placed in a safe position. The other end is connected to the insufflator to deliver CO2 gas into the abdominal cavity. It should be noted that these needles are disposable.