Simple oxygen mask is one of the most important and effective techniques in providing oxygen to patients in various medical conditions. This mask, which mainly covers the nose and mouth and is connected to an oxygen tank through a tube, is of great importance. However, its use requires special care and attention due to the possibility of problems such as the return of exhaled air or even the risk of contamination and infection. Here we will review some important points about using an oxygen mask.

Effective oxygen delivery
A simple oxygen mask is able to provide oxygen to patients in need of oxygen during respiratory injuries or cardiovascular treatments.

Easy to use
This mask is easy to use and install, and patients can use it without any special skills.

Wide applications
Simple oxygen mask is used in hospitals, intensive care units, ambulances and even at home for some patients.

important points
Cleanliness and disinfection
Due to the direct contact with the nose and mouth, the oxygen mask must be periodically cleaned and disinfected to prevent germs from entering the patient’s body.

Improve placement
To prevent the return of exhaled air, it is necessary to place the mask correctly on the face so that the air enters the lungs properly and the old air does not return.

Oxygen pressure control
The amount of oxygen set in the tank must be in accordance with the doctor’s instructions. Too much oxygen pressure can harm the patient.

Attention to the symptoms caused by use
In case of symptoms such as headache, dizziness or excessive restlessness, it is necessary to immediately remove the oxygen mask and consult a doctor.

Care at home
If the patient needs oxygen for a long time, it is essential that the family or caregivers are aware of the hygiene and regular cleaning tips in using the oxygen mask.

Although this device is an effective solution in providing oxygen to patients, it requires attention to special health and care points. Paying attention to these points can prevent problems such as infection or the return of exhaled air and help the patient recover faster. Also, it is vital to always consult a doctor and follow his instructions in using this device.

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