In the field of medicine and patient care, ventilators are one of the vital equipment used to support the respiratory system of patients. The breathing circuit of the double water trap ventilator is one of the important innovations in this field, which has unique features and performance.

The features of the respiratory circuit of two water trap ventilators

The breathing circuit of the Two Water Trap Mat ventilator has unique features that distinguish it from other breathing circuits:

Proper connection to the ventilator:

This breathing circuit is optimally connected to the ventilator, which improves gas flow and patient breathing.

Resistant connector:

It has a resistant connector that improves its performance and efficiency. This feature causes more resistance and strength in the structure of the respiratory circuit.

Inner tubes with smooth surface:

The internal tubes of this breathing circuit have a smooth and seamless surface that reduces the accumulation of water droplets inside the tube.

Reducing the accumulation of water droplets:

Due to the design of internal pipes with a smooth surface, the respiratory circuit of the Du Water Trap Mat ventilator is able to improve the reduction of water droplet accumulation, which leads to a decrease in the possibility of blockage and other problems in the long-term use of the ventilator.

These features make this circuit a leading and efficient option in patient care, as it has significant improvements in ventilator performance and reduced problems caused by water accumulation.

This respiratory circuit has features that distinguish it from other respiratory circuits. One of its prominent features is the proper connection to the ventilator, which aims to improve gas flow. In addition, it has a resistant connector that improves its performance and is excellent in terms of strength and structural quality.

Function and applications of the respiratory circuit

This breathing circuit has the ability to reduce the accumulation of water droplets due to its inner tubes with a smooth surface. This feature increases the duration of ventilator use for patients and reduces the risk of blockage or other problems due to water accumulation. Also, due to its better performance and reduced risk of side effects, this respiratory circuit is used in cases such as asthma patients and special care patients such as the neonatal intensive care unit.


In general, the breathing circuit of the Du Water Trap Mat ventilator, as an important innovation in the field of ventilators, has outstanding features and performance that can play an effective role in improving the care and treatment of patients. Due to its unique features, this breathing circuit can be used as a favorable option for ventilation systems.

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