Holding a training workshop on how to inquire about medical equipment and identify contraband goods

According to the public relations report of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Food and Drug Deputy, on Sunday, April 26, 1403. Training workshop on how to inquire about medical equipment and identify smuggled goods and how to prepare inspection minutes with the aim of training urban environmental health experts. with the presence of engineer Saeed Ghafouri, director of the department of medical equipment and supplies of the vice-chancellor of food and medicine of the university, and engineer Marzieh Karami as a lecturer. It was held in Qaim Hall (AJ) of Ray Health Network. also: In this workshop, how to inquire about devices from the imed and ttac system, check the authorized suppliers of medical equipment in terms of having a license, how to identify contraband goods, check the authenticity of goods, how to monitor and inspect and prepare a report were taught. Also, in this workshop, the importance of using authorized and standard medical equipment was emphasized. Participants were introduced to different methods of detecting contraband goods and learned key points to increase accuracy and efficiency in inspections. At the end of the workshop, the participants did practical inspection exercises and shared their experiences with each other. This workshop was held with the aim of improving the knowledge and skills of environmental health experts, and its results are expected to improve the quality of supervision and increase the safety of medical equipment in Ray city.

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